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About My Dainty Cakes....

Baked with a DAINTY Twist!My Dainty Cakes was inspired by owner Madelyn "Maddie Cakes” Hubbard’s love and passion for baking. Located in the medical center, we’re central to most areas of Houston. My Dainty Cakes is known for its creative cupcake collections and it’s “dainty” twist on traditional delectable treats.

Madelyn is a “Culinista” at heart. As long as she can remember, she has had a passion for the kitchen. She enjoys creating delicious new recipes, adding her own “dainty” little twist. Around the age of six, Madelyn made her first baking attempt. She wanted to bake a carrot cake but her mom did not have carrots. With her six-year old imagination, she decided to use orange crayons instead! This started her baking career. After years of baking for loved ones she turned her dream into a reality in 2008. Madelyn's Creations now My Dainty Cakes is the new culinary bliss of Houston.

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